VR Shotgun


VR Shotgun


VR Shotgun

Virtual reality shooting games are one of the most popular, thrilling ways to enjoy the virtual world. Our VR Shotgun simulator offers a fantastic shooting experience whether you are battling aliens, robots, or battleships and traveling through time and space. Experience the myriad of stunning landscapes and scenery, and feel like a real warrior! 

This interactive VR shooting simulator will test your speed and accuracy to the max. Compared to other FPS games (First Person Shooter), our simulator offers a far more immersive encounter, making it seem much more lifelike.

A great attraction for any business, VR park, or arcade zone, the VR Shotgun simulator features a vibrating platform to immerse players in an exhilarating virtual world. Our selection of pre-programmed games gives the user a variety of options to get their adrenaline up and defeat their enemies!

Compete with up to 6 other players
Easy to install and maintain for operators
Connect with the VR Tank
Customization and branding available on request
All new DEEPOON E3 VR Headset with eye-protective LCD screen
Includes 4 pre-programmed new and original games
Vibrating platform and high immersion effects
One-of-a-kind VR arcade simulator experience for all ages, 4-90


Experience All Types Of Extreme Adventures With These Pre-programmed Games:

Parasitic | Fantasy Adventure | Island Squad | Last Bastion